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Reinvent Yourself Without Risk With Professional Haircuts

Different hairstyles can have a surprisingly strong effect on how people perceive you. Not because they are judging your quality of person but because, like any other fashion, haircuts can reflect people's personality. One of the great elements of hair styling is how versatile it allows people to be, offering them the chance to highlight ... More

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3 Must-Read Tips for Keeping Your Colored Hair From Fading

Getting a new hair color is one of our favorite ways to freshen up our looks and feel more confident in ourselves. In fact, it's estimated that an incredible 1 in 10 women have had 10 or more different hair colors throughout their lives! Nor is it surprising to learn that 38% of women dye their hair to improve their confidence, 44% of ... More

Mary Babineau

Owner/Creative Director. As a Platform Artist and Educator for the elite Rusk Design Team, Mary has had the privilege to work her masterful skills on models from New York City's Fashion Week, to various hair show stages across the country, educating those in the hair industry on the latest cutting and styling trends. Mary is known as a ... More

Drew Horton

Artistic Director. With over eleven years of experience in the industry, Drew Horton is Salon Alchemy's color expert. He is also an Educator for the elite Rusk Design Team. He has worked on everything from models appearing on popular magazine covers, to the models displaying the latest fashions and trends on the runways. Drew is also ... More

Shea Rieper

Manager/Master Designer. With over six years of experience as a professional hairstylist, Shea is a certified Brazilian Blowout expert and our certified PerfecTress hair extension specialist. Shea is a master of up-styles, who exceeds with her extraordinary talents in the latest trends of Rusk, Loreal and Wella colors. See Shea, so you can ... More

Rebecca Trosch

Designer. Rebecca Trosch is a graduate of the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill and a graduate of the Salon Alchemy Associate Program. As a Salon Alchemy Stylist, Rebecca specializes in Balayage color, women's cuts, and is a trained expert on all of the new trends as well as classic techniques. Rebecca's passion for the hair industry along ... More